things I hate/like

Things I hate

Winter. People. God. Jazz „music“. Money. English breakfast. Religion. Rhianna. Talkshows. Television. Baggypants. Quentin Tarantino. Banana milk. Smoothies. Red Bull. Small cars. Taxpayers complaining about tax paying. Musicals. Sports. Sports in TV. Sports in the news. Sports in arenas watched by fat people. Pink toys for girls. Pink. Pink Floyd (today).

(I can´t stop)

Broccoli. James Bond. James Joice. James Brown. Barcley James Harvest. Stupidity. Universities. University sweat shirts. The word: sweatshirt. Or sweater. And hoodie. Pepsi. People walking and talking to their hidden cellphone. The german word for cellphone: handy. Communists. Capitalists. Fashists. Democratic hypocrites. Warlords. Lords. Kings and Queens. The Queen. Boygroups. Peergroups. Disney. sms. lol. CoD. NSA. SUV. STD. FDP. FBI. FSR. CPU. LSD. ABC. PC. pc.

(I cant stop. I can´t stop!)

Snow. Newspapers with big letter headlines. Saying „fuck“ in every fucking Hip Hop song. Hip Hop songs without saying „fuck“ for christian parents. Christian parents. Light beer. Green tea. Horses. Small dogs. Fat cats. Rats. Conspiracy theories. 9/11. Wars caused by dumbness. Stock markets. Hillbillies. Hitler. Munich. Wrestling. Killing. Web smileys. Golfplayers. Reptiles.

(I can´t stop. I can´t stop! I CAN`T STOP!)

Hunters. Teenage vampires. Harry fucking Potter. Dreadlocks. Plastic bags. Skateboards. Surfboards. Snowboards. Stupid Americans. Stupid Anti-Americans. Anti-Semites. Incense. Facebook. The 80ies. Football. Baseball. Soccer. Tennis. Jogging. Walking. Candlelight dinner. Highschool movies. Horror movies. Narrow streets. Tourists. T-shirts with funny stuff on it like: life´s a beach. Songs with a message. Actors getting political. The climate change. The Oktober Fest. Mao Tse Tung. Yin and Yang. Yoga. Yoghurtdrinks. Music in supermarkets. Eating food with fingers and sucking drinks with a straw like a baby. Screaming babies. Barbie. Wasabi potaoe chips. Crystal meth. Jägermeister. Organic food. Junk food. Nuclear power. Meditation. Andy Warhol. Abstract art. Describing yourself as an artist. Homophobian Russians and Arabs fearing their own homosexuality. The flu. Cancer. Syphilis. Blue sunglasses. Men in short pants. Adults in sneakers. Music and get drunk places calling themselves club. Blogs. Hot spots. Trumpets. Saxophones. The flute. Tsunamies. Private photo postings. Youtube. Youporn. Commercials. Bachelor parties. Saying „to party“ for just having some drinks with friends. Virtual friends. Designer jeans……


Things I like

The sun



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